Saturday, 4 May 2013

Tony Fernandes is sad potato, bad at money

QPR chairman Tony Fernandes is very upset that he has been exploited because he gave thieving football agents all of his money to sign Bobby Zamora.

The Malaysian entrepreneur says that he regrets now just paying whatever people wanted to play for his now relegated football team and that it took him £50million to figure this out.

"Agents are trying to get the best contracts and there are no two ways about it, I had to pay premiums," he added.
"I've seen all of the parts that make football quite - maybe immoral is a strong word - but they would sell their grandmother to do something. It's all part of the football ecosystem."

I would feel sorry for him but I just can't. He signed the most average players in the world of all time on ridiculous wages and he's a very successful businessman - he should know better. This is the equivalent of giving a child 50p to buy some seeds in order to grow a self sustaining garden and eventually have blooming flowers, and instead he goes and buys Freddos and Space Raiders and Bobby Zamora