Thursday, 9 May 2013

Thierry Henry has still got it

Thierry Henry is still playing football in America land and still teaching those pesky yanks how it is done by doing overhead kicks

You can watch the goal here and yeh it's pretty good, but the commentators go mental over it.  Even Emile Heskey can do that trick, it's honestly not that hard.  The defender marking him looks so upset immediately after he scores it, which I find funny and then the co-commentator starts saying it's the best goal of the decade and urggghh I just don't get it.  If they'd seen Ronaldinho almost scoring this goal

They'd probably both have been found suffocated in the commentary booth by ghost semen because their ghosts would have come out of their body and jizzed everywhere.  Or something.  Look it's 8am, I'm not really awake yet