Monday, 20 May 2013

The Gothenburg Greats in 8bit

Our friends over at 8Bit Football very kindly created this image of some of the heros behind the legendary '83 Aberdeen team.  It's made me very aroused

You can buy t-shirts and prints that they do from lots of different teams, even from some players who play in actually relevant leagues like the English one, but since it was recently the 30th of anniversary of when the mighty Dons triumphed over Real Madrid, I thought it relevant to share this with you.  That's it really.

Oh in other news Conor Flynn won our Fantasy Football League that I forgot we were doing.  Jack tends to do those things.  I get excited for about the first week until I'm not top of the table and then I spend hours hitting refresh on Facebook because MY LIFE IS SO EXCITING

Congratulations Conor.  We'll send you a t-shirt for free