Thursday, 16 May 2013

The FA are super cereal about racism

Thousands of years after racism started, the FA have declared they are to bring in a minimum five game ban for doing a racism. It's taken a while.

Maybe one day racism will be eradicated, like smallpox. Until then, thank goodness we have organisations such as the Football Association to keep order.  After royally fucking up the Luis Saurez and John Terry situations, they thought they should probably make some rules. Under the new plans, if a player is to commit one racism, he will receive a 5-game ban. If he is to commit a second, it's a 10-game ban and if there is a third case, then you are locked in a room with Jamie Redknapp and forced to listen to him talk about Liverpool for three days.

£4m has been invested into making a racism detector, which apparently can detect a racist remark from up to three miles away whilst it's still in the perpetrator's brain. Clubs can now be charged if two of their players make discriminatory remarks against ethnic origin, religion, race, colour, sexual orientation, ability, disability and even Titus Bramble. The times they are a-changin'.