Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Stoke want Mark Hughes, relegation awaits

Stoke City aren't happy enough with being hated by everyone, and that's why they fired the only successful part of their whole operation and are about to replace him Mark 'I'll help you lose' Hughes.

The handshake fearing manager has been approached by the Premier Club to replace suit-wearing ape ned, Tony Pulis, and he'll be a good appointment for Stoke as they look to continue their trend of not achieving anything.  He might very well keep Stoke up for a couple of seasons but the only person excited about this is Shaun Wright-Philips because he might finally get a game again.  Mark Hughes is probably also excited because it's a Premier League club and these opportunities don't come around every day.

Then again it is Stoke.  It's like a really hot girl inviting you to her room to have sex, but then you realise she's a prostitute and you have to pay her.  Also she gives you syphilis.  And Kenwyne Jones keeps trying to break down the door like a rhino