Monday, 6 May 2013

Stoke 1-1 Sunderland

After being metaphorically battered by Aston Villa, Sunderland probably weren't looking forward to the physical battering they were going to receive from Stoke. Before kick-off, both teams would probably have been happy with a point, guess what happened?

I googled Gardner tackle and this came up - that's how attractive this fixture is.

Stoke City are always going to be in the Premier League. Some say it's good to have a variety of "styles", I don't. In my head I had the Benny Hill theme tune playing throughout the time I was watching this game, with comedy sound effects every time there was a long ball, 50/50 or header - which was about every 1.4 seconds. 

Walters opened the scoring for Stoke in typical fashion. Corner. Ricochet. Punt. Goal. Things went from bad to worse for Sunderland as Craig Gardner once again decided that he couldn't be arsed with 90mins and got sent off for trying to amputate Charlie Adam's foot. 

Paolo Di Canio must have gone ape shit at half time, because Sunderland were a completely different team after the break. John O'Shea scored the equaliser from a corner and then it was pretty much done and dusted. Nobody really believed Peter Crouch, Walters or Danny Graham were going to score. When he first arrived, Di Canio wasn't even sure Graham was a footballer - he looks more like a postman.

With only two games to go, one of Wigan, Newcastle, Sunderland and Southampton could go down. Not one of those teams is Stoke. Life's just not fair.