Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Stephane Mbia is bad at computers

QPR midfielder who doesn't give a shit, Stephane Mbia, was making some jokes on Twitter with Joey Barton the other day about how he wants to leave QPR but forgot that other people can read what he writes on a publicly used internet social media site.  Then, mysteriously, his account got hacked!

Mbia was arguably one of the bigger names on the QPR shopping spree last Summer but his international pedigree wasn't enough to stop his new club being relegated.  He tweeted:
So... Seriously @Joey7Barton do you want rechange your seat with me ? #qpr #om
This is because he used to play for Marseille before he was sent on some sort of boat in exchange for some golden coins, and he preferred it there.  The fans were outraged!  Oh what a noise they made - "OFF WITH HIS HEAD" they screamed as the torch light baring mob grew ever closer to the window of his castle.  "WHAT WILL I DO" he shouted in the mirror, but then, thankfully, it turned out that someone else had logged in to his Twitter account!  God be praised!
Someone must have got hold of my login and password - I did not write these things
He told the Guardian.  Phew, rest easy QPR fans - there's no way that a talented international midfielder doesn't appreciate the chance to play in a terrible team full of assholes in a league that requires the words 'toe punt' and 'accidental head trauma' to be included in the welcome pack.  I can only hope that he changed his password or else this terrible crime may happen again.