Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Roberto Mancini is unemployed

Manchester City manager, Roberto Mancini, is no longer Manchester City manager, Roberto Mancini.  Instead he is now just Roberto Mancini, or Spooky Dave as his close friends call him.

The former international player was the second ever Italian manager to win the Premier League and a year to the day that he achieved this, Mancini now finds himself looking for new employment.  This won't take long because Monaco want to to hire him and I'm pretty sure once you're as cool, handsome and rich as he is you shouldn't have to pay for your drinks or dinners in like any restaurant anywhere.  I mean, do you really expect me to have to pay for bargain buckets every single time I go to KFC?  Uhhh hello?  Have any of you Mexicans been on YouTube lately?

To summarise Mancini's reign over Man City, aside from the losing control of several players, the circus of mentals over shadowing his entire reign and an absolutely shambolic two European campaigns, here is the video we made to review last season