Saturday, 18 May 2013

Roberto Mancini is classy as fuck

Fired Manchester City manager bought an advert in the Manchester Evening News with his own money to thank the fans.  What a guy.

Despite winning the league, the FA Cup and finishing 2nd in both the next year, Mancini's Euro failures seem to have secured his fate as Man City look to a new manager to take the club forward.  At the moment they're looking really hard at that Pellegrini guy, if any newspaper in the world is anything to go by.  Alex Ferguson thinks the decision is bullshit:
"It was quite amazing. He has won the FA Cup, been in the final, second in the league and won the league and it's not good enough?" he said.
"I was surprised, but actually no, you can't say you are surprised not with some owners today. You can't be surprised, but I still don't think it was right."
Other than his complete failure in Europe, it appears that almost every single person at the club hated Mancini because he was a self centred jerk.  This general feeling towards the manager has only really come from an ex-kit man, and if your job is to simply wash dirty, used football jerseys once a week and you get fired from that, you probably aren't very good at life.  So I wouldn't believe anything he says.  Although this pyramid scheme he told me about seems like a really good idea.  I don't see how any one can miss out!  Better get in early ;)