Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Rafa Benitez is the new Napoli manager

Rafa Benitez has abandoned his interim job at Chelsea where everyone appears to hate him, to hang out with new cool kids who don't think he's a nerd, in Napoli.

I've forgotten just how many videos I've actually made now but I know that one has some drawings of Benitez in it.  Back in those days we all thought Benitez was the pantomime villain who would win over the Chelsea fans and restore trophies to the London club, but actually he turned up, tried really hard and was bullied by grown men, left without thanks and won the most pointless trophy in world football.  Even the Scottish Cup is more valuable because at least you win a place in Europe.  The Europa League is like winning.... a twix.... in a vending machine.  I think I've made that joke before.  The Europa League is like coming to fitbathatba and reading a repeat of a joke