Monday, 27 May 2013

PSG keeper has great debut

PSG keeper, Ronan Le Crom (LOL), made his debut at the age of 38 this weekend.  Not only was it his debut, it was also his very last game before retirement so he was keen to play well.  And that's why he got sent off after 28 minutes

Old Crommy, as his friends call him, came on as a half time substitute and promptly managed to concede a penalty and be shown a red card within 28 minutes on the pitch.  He then started crying because he was so upset/embarrassed, and Mamadou Sakho, who has the coolest fucking name ever, went in goal until full time.  The score ended 3-1 so it wasn't that bad, and certainly not bad enough to warrant crying everywhere.  What is going on with all these footballers recently?!  I didn't even cry at my neighbour's funeral and it was mostly fault that he died in the first place.  Oh sure I'm going to learn to drive "at an empty car park" Mr Judge.  Well you shouldn't be walking your dog where I'm driving.  Especially on a pavement.  Idiot.