Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Pirlo loves his PS3

Pirlo has written a book, it's not a work of fiction surrounding the tales of a tough uncompromising detective, or a whirlwind sci-fi adventure but mainly just him talking about himself and his love of playing FIFA - it sounds divine.

I can't get enough of Pirlo - look at that hair, look at that beard, the man is an adonis. I've always wondered what he does outside of football - play the guitar? Pastel sketches? Nope, he stays in his room all day and plays a shit load of FIFA - legend.
"I often lost. I’d throw the joystick, demand a rematch and lose again"
Next time I smash up my controller and demand a rematch, I will do it safe in the knowledge that I am basically just like Pirlo. Although he says he always goes Barca, which is a cunts trick. I thought he would go Juve, imagine scoring a free-kick whilst controlling yourself and then celebrating right in your friends face?

I guarantee John Terry would be straight into the editor, making big JTs in every position with 99 for all attributes. Forcing you to watch his players celebrate with the robot dance after he's scored yet another cut back. That's why nobody likes you John.