Monday, 20 May 2013

Paolo Di Canio hates asshole footballers

Paolo Di Canio went fairly tits this weekend over the overpaid ballbags he has to work with at Sunderland.  In particular he extra hates Phil Bardsley who "didn't" get pissed in a casino and took photos of himself lying on the floor.

Di Canio left Bardsley out of the squad for the game against Spurs on Sunday and also went on a rant where he revealed every other player he's fined recently for having the audacity of trying to vaguely enjoy the lifestyle that one associates with being a footballer.  According to him they should be athletic robots:
If I discovered one of my players had drunk not on a Friday but even a Monday night, I would fine him. 
'If you are talking about a glass of red wine during dinner with family on a Monday night or Tuesday night, that’s good because we know red wine is good for the heart. 
'But forget about alcohol on Thursday or Friday. I don’t think this team have this habit – I hope not!
This is my regime. Obviously, with little things, you can close one eye because good footballers are important.'
On one hand this makes a lot of sense, because if your job is to be an extremely fit athlete, getting drunk is not particularly conducive to it.  It is conducive to building forts out of household items, setting fire to things you probably shouldn't and talking to random girls in an effort to make them have sex with you.  Maybe if I tried doing those things in a different order I wouldn't keep being rejected or accidentally murdering prostitutes I mean uhhhhh I don't drink