Saturday, 18 May 2013

Michael Owen's car is vandalised

Stoke City are a club full of utter clowns and when Michael Owen is the player I like most in a team, it means the team is full of utter clowns.  Clowns that flour and egg someone's car.

Yes those loveable scamps at Stoke decided to honour the former England international's retirement by 'hilariously' throwing eggs and flour all over his car.  There is no part of this I find funny.  I fucking hate Stoke and cannot wait for them to be relegated to space jail.  Michael Owen may be egotistical and annoying, but at least he was once a great player and seems to enjoy the game - why he moved to Stoke I will never understand because he doesn't seem like 'ONE OF THE LADS EH' and everyone else does.  Tony Pulis' idea of a wine and cheese night is babybel and a vodka lemonade while he punches his dog in the face.

I haven't seen any quotes from Michael Owen about his car, but after he saw the mess he got in it and drove away in disgust, until about 40 yards down the road when the car pulled up with a hamstring injury.