Monday, 6 May 2013

Michael Higdon celebrates in style

SPL PFA player of the year, Michael Higdon, was so happy about winning his award that he went out on the town and got arrested!  Yaaaaaay

The Motherwell forward was voted ahead of cupboard demon Leigh Griffiths, Andrew Shinnie and Aberdeen hero Niall McGinn by his fellow players but after a few brooskies in the Corinthian nightclub, there was some sort of assault allegedly, and he was involved.  I lived in Glasgow for a year and I've never been to Corinthian nightclub so that makes me know that it's probably an overly priced shit hole full of men wearing denim jackets and girls who look sticky.  The sort of place that looks like Fight Club except with Rihanna songs in the background.  It's where dreams are made.

It also might not be any of these things cos like I said I haven't been there before.  It might be nice