Thursday, 30 May 2013

Mark Hughes will prove you wrong

Incredibly gifted manager Mark Hughes has decided that the criticism directed at him for his abomination of a job at QPR will inspire him to prove you wrong.  He wants you on his side!

The ex-Blackburn manager's appointment as Tony Pulis's replacement has been met with pretty much utter disdain at Stoke, but he promises to bring entertainment to the fans.  And by that I thinks he means fans of football as he helps relegate the club back to hell where they belong.  Or maybe he means that he'll get them involved in a relegation scrap at least, because that is entertaining.  Certainly it's more fun than finishing 10th every year.
"I've had something like 270 games as a Premier League manager, but people do tend to look at the last year or so.
"But I don't regret moving to QPR. A lot of managers have gone in there and found it difficult."
If there was one way thing you could accurately judge Mark Hughes on, I'd say his transfer record is right up there.  Stoke don't intend to give him very much money to galvanise the squad and Hughes isn't really the kind of boss who works on a budget.  While similarly hyped early in his career manager, David Moyes, starts his new important job at Manchester United, Hughes now pretty much finds himself having to actually buy community shield tickets when the next season starts rather than sneaking in for free with his friends.
"If I am honest, we all tried to run there before we could walk," he said. "That was the mistake that we made. I made mistakes I will learn from."
Haven't we all?  Maybe now is the time to let go of the past and embrace such potential as Steve Kean, Steve McLaren and Paul Ince and let their creative flair loose on the Premier League too.  If you could buy tickets at Ticketbis for some sort of event where those three have to manage a successful football club, you'd notice that this sentence doesn't make any sense, and that that's ok because we have to get paid for this stuff somehow.

Perhaps Mark Hughes will do the unthinkable and let the average football fan enjoy watching a Stoke game this year, as he drives the team bus into a river and Peter Crouch uses his giant arms to lift everyone to live on top of a mountain.  Like the Iron Giant or Tin Man or the BFG.  The big fucking gangly.