Monday, 13 May 2013

Mancini is getting binned

Roberto Mancini managed to successfully lose the FA Cup against Wigan, a town with a population of about 20,000 people who only play rugby.  And Gary Caldwell.  Now he's getting sacked

Man City chiefs have allegedly been meeting Manuel Pellegrini and I'm glad because I like his name because it looks like the word pelican

Unfortunately for Mancini, no such water dwelling birds are going to back him up and the Italian has decided in recent days that the best thing to do to explain his team's utter shambles of a failure in the Champions League two years running, the loss of the FA Cup to somewhere I don't even know where it is and being about 80 points off Manchester United, is to blame the club's hierarchy for not buying him all of the best players in the Summer.  He also doesn't think it's going to happen
"You [the media] continue to speak about this for six months and also too much in the last two weeks," said Mancini.
"I don't know why the club didn't stop this because I don't think it's true."
The problem is that when the BBC start putting up headlines like 'man city set to bring in new manager' it normally means it's going to happen.  Sort of like if your girlfriend's relationship status on facebook changes to 'in a relationship' with some other guy when you were waiting at home for her with a bottle of wine, dressed in a hockey mask and cape because she likes scary movies.  There's some inevitability that you have to move on I guess.  Also I should stop breaking into that girl's house.