Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Man United want Fabregas and Ronaldo

Manchester United are planning to appease fans doubtful of David Moyes' new reign by signing all of the best players, including Arsene Wenger's diamond in the rough, Cesc Fabregas.

I read in the Metro yesterday that United are planning a £20million move for the Barcelona midfielder because he "hasn't played that well" since moving.  Utter nonsense.  I'm fairly sure he's one of the top assists/scorers in La Liga and the only problem he has is that he has to wait until Xavi and Iniesta either die or are kidnapped before he'll get a proper starting position.  At United his only midfield challenge would be Michael Carrick, who also has to start every game, and Darren Fletcher.  No one is scared of someone who might poo themselves at any second.  Unless it's your Granddad and you have to share a bed with him.

Oh also they want to buy Ronaldo