Monday, 27 May 2013

Man tries to sneak into Champions League final disguised as steward

Tickets were pretty much impossible to get hold of for the Champions League final on Saturday unless you were very rich, lucky or Sepp Blatter - and he's all three.  One cheeky chap decided to disguise himself and get in.  DID HE MANAGE?

Well no, is the short answer.  The guy in question, who writes for, bought this hi vis vest on ebay and then got UEFA steward printed on it.  Seems pretty fool proof tbf

Except that the stewards actually looked like this:

You should read the story because it's funny and also that way I don't feel so guilty about borrowing photos from his site, but mostly because it's funny.  It reminds me of the time that I tried to break into a hospital while wearing a disguise and was similarly unsuccessful.  In his defence, the costume shop man did warn me that Captain Hook doesn't often work in a hospital, but at least it was funny when I got to stand next to an open heart surgery table.  They didn't find my hand inside :-(