Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Man tries to dribble a ball from USA to Brazil, doesn't get very far

A man from Seattle decided that he would dribble a football all the way from his home to the spiritual world of the game in Brazil.  It was all going so well until he was run over by a pick up truck.  In the same city.

42 year old Richard Swanson was just minding his own business, dribbling a football across the road when a pickup truck drove into him, making the score pickup trucks 1, humans 0.  It's probably higher than that actually.  It's quite a sad story actually because he was only really doing it for an adventure and to raise money for charity but I guess that's just life sometimes.  I'm going to attempt to cheer you up, and celebrate Richard's life by telling you a joke I made up today.

Your Momma's so fat that she has to use the panorama feature on her iphone 5 to take pictures of herself