Friday, 31 May 2013

Luis Suarez wants to leave

Human racist, Luis Suarez, has announced that he wants to leave Liverpool because he is tired of everyone reminding him that he bites people and also that he hates black people.  Unfortunately for him, it's not his choice

The Liverpool striker has said that it is a good time for a change, and coincidentally Real Madrid have just started trying to sign him but that's just a coincidence, and now that the Spanish giants are in the hunt, the Uruguayan has begun blaming the media for making him so unpopular.
"I do not know when I'm going and I do not know if I'm staying."
"I have only words of thanks to the club, the fans of Liverpool.
"But the treatment I received from the rest of England in recent weeks has been tough.
"It [Liverpool] is a spectacular club, but they are aware of the way that the press treats me." 
I can't help but feeling that if he hadn't racially abused someone, constantly cheated on the pitch and then bit another person while on TV he wouldn't have had so much bad press.  But what would I know?  This is like when I ran over that dog and those evil newspapers put up headlines to get me arrested.  Oh I'm sorry if I can't tell a dog from a child when driving fast, I suppose I'm supposed to check a playground everytime I take a shortcut through it now am I?