Saturday, 18 May 2013

Kenwyne Jones is angry :scared:

Do you remember earlier when I wrote about Michael Owen's car being vandalised by some banteriffic bellends at Stoke?  Well now the club are investigating claims that someone put a pig's head in Kenwyne Jones' locker and he is piiiiiiissed.

There are a few people in the world I try to avoid annoying through fear of repercussion: gangs of youths, people carrying Farmfoods bags, homeless, and anyone who looks anything like Kenwyne Jones.  Not so for the assholes at Stoke, because some chump put an actual pig's head in his locker, leaving blood and general grossness behind. Kenwyne responded as any polite gentleman would, by throwing a brick through Glenn Whelan's windshield.

I don't even know who Glenn Whelan is.  I'm not sure Kenwyne does either but HELLLL mother fucka, somebody gotta pay!

Tony Pulis said:
"We have a smashing dressing room, and there are four or five lads who are always up to something," he said. "There is always banter going on.
"I honestly don't know what's gone on this morning, I've missed all of what's happened. I try to stay away from the home dressing room as much as I possibly can. I let the lads get on with it. 

Urgghhghgghgh just look at what a repulsive ball sack he is.  He not only refers to the players as 'lads' but also confirms that they 'have banter'.  Great banter, mate.  Now you've got a giant Kenwyne Jones shaped Godzilla walking around Stoke throwing bricks through cars and breathing fire, I hope you're pleased