Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Jose Mourinho is buying boxes

Jose Mourinho has apparently been seen in Ikea buying lots of boxes... boxes big enough to move house!  HOLY SMOKES WHO'D HAVE KNOWN IT

The Special One is clearly leaving Real Madrid because absolutely everyone seems to hate him there.  According to the papers today, only Luka Modric, Diego Lopez and Michael Essien still talk to him, and Essien thinks Mourinho is his fucking Dad so I don't think he even has a choice.  The manager is said to be very disappointed at what useless tool bags the team have been this year and being told that you suck is not something a millionaire playboy soccer boy wants to hear.  Combined, there is a rift and that is why Mourinho is buying boxes.  SOLVED

Another rumour I found hilarious today was that Mourinho wants to hire Steve Kean if/when he moves back to Chelsea.  I can only presume this is so that he can make Kean the butt of all the jokes like if the team loses they can all just say 'Jesus Christ Steve what is wrong with you' and then he will cry ha ha hah aha ha that will be so funny lol