Monday, 20 May 2013

Joao Moutinho to Spurs: it begins

There are some transfer rumours that are exciting and made up, but there are others which boring the living tits off of everyone in the world.  The Joao Moutinho one has started again.  Already.

AVB has been so sad without his best friend Joao and now that the Premier League season has been finished for about 24 hours, the newspapers have decided to start linking everyone with everyone again.  The Andy Carroll saga is going to be horrendous, the Ronaldo stuff might be OK and I've heard that Moutinho is meant to be pretty good but stories like this from The Sun are going to break the internet:

JOAO MOUTINHO is the first target in Andre Villas-Boas’ summer revolution at Spurs.

The Porto midfielder, 26, almost joined Tottenham at the start of the season before his move collapsed.
Spurs boss AVB worked with Moutinho in Portugal and wants to make him a key player.
But a deal would cost at least £30million and Monaco are also considering a bid.
I don't really understand how the internet works but if any asshole is allowed to just post rambling mentions of footballers he knows about, then we're going to run out of space for videos of cats playing the piano.  And that is the greatest crime of all.

After genocide.  And gang rape.