Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Harry Redknapp has no shame

Harry Redknapp may appear like he's very loyal to lots of clubs until he gets bored/offered more money somewhere else but he can't be arsed hanging out with all the dicks in QPR at all.  I don't blame him really.

Harry has said that he may actually abandon QPR unless he is allowed to sign even more players:
"I don't need to come to work every day and have that aggravation. I want to get a group in willing to come, learn and take a bit of pride in what they do. Hopefully I have support from the board and we have to see what players we can find."
What the fuck was Mark Hughes even doing at that place?!  This is the equivalent of giving him a cow to go to market and then instead of even coming home with magic beans he brings back a half used battery, broken lawn mower and Shaun Wright-Philips