Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Everton want Martinez

In another non-surprise managerial rumour thing, Everton are going to talk to Roberto Martinez about replacing David Moyes following the Spaniard's announcement that he will leave Wigan.

Dave Whelan seems pretty convinced that Martinez is just about the best manager in the world, ever, and in fairness to him he did win the FA Cup with a team that included Gary Caldwell, a feat akin to winning a Formula One race with a tractor powered by heroin.  Will he succeed?  I don't care, but Everton fans do care, if their reaction to the new club badge design is anything to go by.

The new badge (on the right) was designed to make replicating the logo much easier and therefore better for marketing purposes but OH MY GOD YOU CANT CHANGE THINGS I CANT COPE WITH CHANGE OH MY GOD SOMEONE KILL ME NOW is pretty much the response the fans gave.  Now maybe they won't change the logo.  If there's one thing that history has taught us, it's that listening to the people is always the greatest idea.  The mass population has been responsible for such scientific progression as setting fire to people for being witches, setting fire to people for being homosexual and setting fire to people for being black.  Or as my Uncle likes to call it 'Tuesday night with the lads'