Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Didier Drogba hates racists

Former Chelsea striker Didier Drogba is currently ripping it up in Turkey.  Ripping up what?  I hear you ask, and I answer, RACISM KABLAHHHHHHHH

Some Fenerbahce fans waved bananas at Drogba to imply that he is some sort of monkey, forgetting that he actually has enough money to buy a real person and make it a slave, and then pay off the authorities so he can do it for longer.  Who brings a banana to a fucking football match?  Drogba responded to the crowd and said:
''You call me monkey but you cried when Chelsea beat Fenerbahçe in 2008, you called me monkey but you jumped in front of your screen when I won the Champions League, you called me monkey but you got mad when I became Champion with Galatasaray and the saddest thing is you called me monkey and forgot that you jumped my ''monkey'' brother scored twice yesterday… And you call yourself a true fan??
If Drogba really did have a monkey brother, I'm pretty sure that would be the best sitcom of all time.  Can you imagine the wacky antics?  Can you imagine?!!

Who brings a banana to the football!!!!!??????  Buy a pie you stupid cunt