Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Di Canio hates everyone. They hate him back

It seems a long time ago that Sunderland hammered Newcastle and everyone was really excited about Di Canio. Jump forward a few weeks and he's fallen out with pretty much everyone at the club.

That's a picture of Phil Bardsley being a bellend. To celebrate not being shit enough to get relegated, he and a couple of team-mates went to the casino and took photos of themselves covered in £50 notes. Di Canio found out and arranged a fitness test for first thing the next morning. Bardsley says he was not drunk and I for one definitely believe him. He fucked up his fitness test and Di Canio said he would never play for Sunderland again, and they all lived happily ever after.

Except Bardsley's girlfriend who went on Twitter and called Di Canio  a "psycho drama queen". It's reported that he's banned tomato ketchup and sugar from the club's canteen to try and get the players in better shape. This has upset David Vaughan who really likes ketchup and sugar to accompany his diet of rats and squirrels.

Despite his facist beliefs, I'm supporting Paolo here. The majority of footballers are assholes, and it's good to see someone putting them in their place. Plus you know if anyone did stand up to him, he would beat the shit out of them. He's only a few bad results away from starting himself up front, and that's what everyone wants to see.