Thursday, 9 May 2013

David Moyes is in charge

David Moyes is set to be announced as the new Manchester United manager after Sir Alex Ferguson personally picked him.  SCOTLAND FOREVA

The Everton manager has been chosen to succeed the legendary former Aberdeen boss in the "hot seat" at Old Trafford according to the internet and newspapers.  Moyes' individual style of trying to draw every game will be a wondrous sight over his five year deal but the fact that he hasn't actually won any competitions doesn't matter because Alex Ferguson says so.  Former United player Steve Bruce said:
"It wouldn't surprise me if he got the job and I'm sure he would be very successful.
"He's not had huge finances but he has still managed to put an Everton team together that comfortably finishes in the top 10."
And Steve Bruce manages Hull now so he must know what he's talking about.  Steve Bruce looks like a sad family dog whose family abandoned him and he had to live on a railway track for the past ten years.  David Moyes looks like an eagle who plans to murder that dog.  Put them together in the same house, imagine some wacky antics and that is the basis for my new sitcom.  I call it 'EAGLE MOYES BRUCE DEATH FIGHT YEH!' but the BBC haven't been returning my calls recently so I'm not sure when pre-production begins.  I'll let you know