Wednesday, 22 May 2013

David Moyes has new friends

New Manchester United manager David Moyes had his first day at school on Monday and he met his new staff so he could decide which ones he wanted to keep and which to get rid off.  Like pogs.

I haven't checked what the odds on Man United to win the Premier League are with a new boss but I can't expect they're going to be any worse than when SAF was in charge.  David Moyes looks absolutely mental so if United don't end up winning something, someone is getting booted in the face.  I bet when he walks into the canteen and looks for a place to sit rather than having to find a table on his own he just sits next to a group and tells them to shut up and then starts taking things from their plate, then tells them an anecdote about that time he slammed this guy's head in his car door outside Tesco.  If fear doesn't inspire them, nothing will.  Except maybe haribo