Saturday, 18 May 2013

David Beckham might buy a club

Almost retired David Beckham is going to invest all of his underpants cash in a new MLS club because he cleverly had a clause inserted in his contract which made that an easy thing to do.

The former England captain will exercise his contractual right to buy a club for £16million, which is apparently a lot less than normal humans are expected to pay.  He said:
"I have the right to own a franchise, which I will action immediately after I stop playing."
 The MLS has 19 teams at the moment but Man City's owners are going to make another New York one, which kinda only leaves Miami/Florida without a real soccer team.  He could of course move to any part of America but Miami would be nice, because according to a song I heard, Will Smith lives there and they could be friends.  Or maybe even lovers.  Is it gay if I want to shag Will Smith? Only time will tell