Thursday, 9 May 2013

Cancer sucks

Cancer sucks balls. Stiliyan Petrov confirmed today that he has retired from football, to focus on recovering from leukemia. Which is a pretty good reason to quit football.

It still shocks me every time I see a photo of Petrov now, considering the machine he was as a player. Petrov has finished his intensive treatment and will have another two years on tablets to hopefully kick his cancer right in the face. He will lead the teams lap of honour in their last game against Chelsea, hopefully they won't be relegated on that day - that would be a really awkward lap of honour.

Apparently he just thought he had a cold, and was a bit fatigued after a game against Arsenal - which shows what a badass he is. It must have been a bit of a shock at the doctors -

"so what do I need Doc, a few lemsips?"
"Stiliyan, I'm not sure how to say this - so I'll just be straight with you, you have leukaemia."
" max strength?"

If he gets bored during the next couple of years, he could come back to the SPL and play for Celtic again. He'd still be in better shape than Kris Boyd and James McFadden.