Thursday, 9 May 2013

BT to fight Sky for FITBA

In the red corner, we have one giant money grabbing, horrible telecommunications company. In the blue corner, we have an even more horrible, money grabbing, blood sucking overlord - who will win!

BT have decided to take Sky head on, when it comes to the world of live sports coverage. Since the introduction of the Premier League, Sky have dominated football. Sometimes I don't mind - Gary Neville's analysis is becoming legendary, Champions League multi-screen and goal alerts are fucking awesome and playing the Soccer Saturday drinking game is truly delightful. However, it does mean they can charge whatever the fuck they want, and they do - plus their customer service is wank. BT have announced that they will be offering FREE Premier League games to broadband users (who already pay, but still...FREE), and they are bringing out the big guns!

With the rights to 38 live games per season (one a week?), they are confident of turning themselves into a real broadcaster. They haven't got off to the best start- Michael Owen has been announced as the lead co-commentator, a man who is so dull he'd probably shit himself if he had a red bull. There will also be Jake Humphrey who presents with all the passion and sincerity you would expect from someone who started at CBBC. Ray Stubbs is on board, he's always on board.

BT will also have FA Cup, German football, Italian, Brazilian, Europa League and rugby - oh and women's tennis if anyone cares. There are lots of fancy adverts and people like RVP telling you to get excited. So are you? Are you excited about watching games on BT? Or are you watching games illegally on FirstRow? You are aren't you? So am I.