Monday, 13 May 2013

Brighton 0-2 Crystal Palace

Everything has been about Manchester United and Alex Ferguson these last few days, even in the Championship play-off semi final it was a Man Utd player who scored both goals- where does it end!

Six months ago, Wilfried Zaha was the hottest property in England. In January, he was quickly signed up by Manchester United for a reported £15m  - then immediately loaned to Palace for the remainder of the season. "My performances won't be affected", he said. "I'm 100% focused on Crystal Palace", he said. One goal since he signed for United I read. Comic book law enforcement officer, set in the future? Judge Dredd.

Zaha has been on the receiving end of plenty abuse recently, because both he and Palace have been pretty shit. Coming into this, Brighton were in great form and Palace were wank - so of course Palace were going to win. Zaha got both the goals, the second being a lovely strike with his...LEFT FOOT< (Pro Evo 5 commentating reference). Palace will face Watford in the Play-off final, two great managerial minds will be going to war - Zola Vs Holloway.

I don't really care who wins the final. It's like being asked to choose between 5ive and Blue - sure they are both fantastic musical acts who made it to the top through hard work and natural talent. But are they really going to survive against the big dogs like Take That and the Backstreet Boys? The answer is One Direction. I have no idea what the questions is. I think I need to sleep...FOOTBALL!