Monday, 27 May 2013

Benfica are LOL

Benfica were on course for a historic treble this season, and as recently as two weeks ago it seemed like a very achievable task.  Now they have 0 trophies because they made an arse of every game.

It started with the Portuguese side being beaten in the last minute of the Europa League final by Chelsea, forcing morale to plummet ahead of a crucial league decider against Porto, which they also lost.  Now, hilariously, they have managed to lose the Portuguese Cup Final against Vitoria de Guimaraes and have ended the season with exactly 0 trophies.

Now I can laugh at this because I can relate.  I also once lost the league, champions league final and FA cup final in one week in football manager and went outside to the garden, frisbeed the disc over the wall into a graveyard, and never played it again.

You might think my story isn't as tragic because it's a computer game but you'd be wrong.  I don't even live in Portugal so why would I care