Thursday, 9 May 2013

Balotelli is good at being rich

Some footballers spend all their money on horses or property, not Balotelli. He spends money on things like fireworks and driving Ferraris round go-kart tracks, smart.

Fully aware of his love of go-karting, AC Milan banned Balotelli from racing in case he crashed and injured himself - which would pretty much definitely happen. He did the sensible thing and showed up to race his £200,000 new Ferrari round the track instead. Of course the management at the track didn't have a problem because he threw a big fat wedge of cash at them. Although looking at that photo, he probably struggled to get out of second gear - which isn't very cool. He would have been better off in one of those mini-go karts that you power by pedalling. 

It's good to see a young man who is proud of fucking around and spending loads of money on stupid things. Realistically his career will be over by the time he's 35 and by the time he's 40 he will be opening supermarkets and appearing at charity dinners- desperate for a drop of attention that he once bathed in. He might as well be a massive titbox while he's young and earning £200k a week - before he inevitably dies of a sexually transmitted disease.