Monday, 13 May 2013

Alan Pardew isn't very good maybe

Alan Pardew was absolutely delighted after he managed to get his team to not be relegated this year and then told everyone about his ambitions for the rest of the season.

The Newcastle manager was speaking to some reporters after his team beat QPR 2-1:
“We got an important result today,” he told reporters. “I don’t really care if Arsenal win 4-0 if I’m honest – I’m sure Spurs will – but I only care that our fans enjoy themselves."
Ahhhhh that's exactly what all the fans want to hear.   As long as they're safe, nothing else matters.  But what's this?  There's more?!
“It’s been an unbelievable season and I think it’s been so, so tight because of the financial rewards at stake this year. I will make sure that we are well prepared for next season and thank God we are not in the Europa League again."

Yes thank God that you don't get to compete in any European sort of tournament this year.  Those are so over-rated and in no way was it a lack of ability on the coaching staff that saw a team finish 6th last year and nearly relegated this.  In perspective, let's have a look what AVB said about the Europa League
"We are extremely happy for setting a great example for English football and how to approach this competition," the Portuguese added. "To change the mentality towards this competition from one season to the other is very difficult.
"They have done it like heroes, played it like heroes because it was never an excuse for underperforming in the Premier League." 
My god that man is so handsome.  Every time I see anything he's said written down I get super turned on, which is unfortunate because I wish Alan Pardew would go away.  Also because having a boner on the tube is really awkward.  I uhhh heard.