Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Alan Pardew is having a chat

Alan Pardew is 'pretty confident' that isn't going to be fired for being terrible at his job and blaming everyone but himself for Newcastle's abject failures this year.  He's going for a chat with Mike Ashley

After Sunday's 1-0 defeat against Arsenal, the manager said:
"I'm pretty confident I'll be the manager here. I love being the manager," 
"I will be speaking to Mike [Ashley, owner] and Derek [Llambias, managing director] this week to make sure we get a response and a reaction."
The problem in this scenario is that Pardew has about another 8 years left on his contract and can't really be fired.  This would be great if he'd had his team performing anything like they did last season but they had the creative output of the explanation of infinite.  If you put infinite monkeys with infinite typewriters eventually they will write the entire works of shakespeare, but sadly if you put a bunch of French players and Shola Ameobi on a football pitch together eventually they might try a through ball.