Thursday, 18 April 2013

You spent how much!

Jesus Christ monkey balls, the figures are out and in case you didn't know - Premier League clubs spend a fuck load on player wages.

The Premier League made a record income of £2.4bn during the 2011-2012 season, now the Guardian's financial report has revealed that a mighty £1.6bn of this went straight on Mario Balotelli's parking tickets, and other things like cars and glockenspiels. This figure does not include the fees that were paid to agents, or any of Harry Redknapp's "bonuses".

Football has gone insane - it's no wonder 90% of footballers are massive dickheads. If you have money thrown at you from the age of like 15-16 and everyone tells you, "you are awesome!" - chances are you are going to be a dickhead. Do they care? Definitely not, why would they? I'd rather footballers fannied around setting off fireworks and driving supercars,  rather than sitting on Twitter every night talking about horse racing and the fucking darts, Michael Owen.