Wednesday, 10 April 2013

UEFA agree, racism is bad

It's taken a fair while, but finally the UEFA scientists have compiled their research and their results say...racism is bad.

That's John Terry, there's no reason for him being there - he was found totally not guilty, or guilty but not really guilty. I can't remember. UEFA are to bring in new punishments for players found guilty of racially abusing other players or referees or birds or anything else they choose. First of all there will be a 10-match ban, which will brought in next season. If supporters are found to be doing a racism, there will be a partial closure of the stadium in which they are sitting. If there is a secondary fan racism thing, then there will be a full closure with a minimum penalty of £42,500 - which converts to about £50 in football money.

These measures will be brought into all European competitions like the Champions League or the other shit one. However it is up to the local FAs to deal with the race wars in the domestic league. It's strange to think that not so long ago we thought racism was extinct in UK football. Then again we thought the dinosaurs were extinct, and then Samuel L Jackson was eaten by a velociraptor.