Monday, 1 April 2013

Steven Gerrard: Warrior

Steven Gerrard is probably the toughest guy I know, he is even tougher than my Dad. Not only is he England's lion, the gate-keeper of Liverpool city, but he's also able to play WITH A SORE HEEL.

Gerrard scored a crucial penalty to put Liverpool 2-1 up against Aston Villa. More importantly, he headed a ball of the line. Everybody said it couldn't be done, but Steven dared to dream. He said, "NO! I will not let this ball hit the net! Not on my watch!" and with that, he headed Liverpool to victory.

Only after the game was it revealed that big Steve was actually playing with a sore heel. So sore he had to get an injection to get him through the game. David Brenton Rodgers said -
"He had a bit of pain in it and was struggling to get his boot on. But for him it was just a case of whatever it takes to play. Many other players might not have played or even trained."
I actually feel kind of sad watching Gerrard play. He can't charged around making sliding tackles or power into the box, and suddenly I realise it's 2013 and there is no Figo, Zidane, Ronaldo or Batistuta and then I start crying. But then I think "what would Gerrard do?", so I dry my eyes and batter a disc jockey.