Monday, 8 April 2013

Should Newcastle be arsed about Europe this season?

The Europa Song Contest is really lame but still clubs want to win it because why not?  They might as well.  Newcastle are trying even though it's ruined their season

(c) @Taylorsfistpump
Some have argued that Alan Pardew has been found out this year because every time he gets a job as a manager the team does really well for the first season and a half, and then he doesn't play Carlos Tevez and they get relegated.  The season that propelled Newcastle into a UEFA cup spot was helped along the way by the fact that the Toon Army had been knocked out of all the cups and had an entire week between games to work on tactics.  Now they have to actually do work and it's really shitting everything up.  Even Davide Santon doesn't care anymore
‘For us, the Europa League is important, but the Premier League is even more important.
And he's from Europe so............... case closed.  But yeh basically the Europa League is pointless.  It's like winning a stuffed animal toy in one of those claw machines at the fair - you spend ages trying to get it, you're pretty sure the thing is cheating you out of it, and then finally you realise that you didn't even want a stuffed toy at all.  You wanted to have sex with someone.  Why are you at the fair?  There are no prostitutes here!  Or are there......