Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Sergio Aguero is sorry for trying to kill David Luiz

Man City striker Sergio Aguero has revealed on Facebook that he has apologised to David Luiz after stamping on him, while in mid-air, for no real reason, very hard. Wait... He's on Facebook?!!!!

The smallish Argentinian said this

I've contacted David Luiz and apologized for what happened during the match. It was an impulse reaction that shouldn't have happened
It all sounds very professional and nice but normally when people physically attack others on impulse it results in jail time. Just because it's on a football pitch some guys just think it's part of the game, much in the same way having to water board your cousin to find out where he hid your Thundercats toys is just what happens if you HIDE MY DAMN THUNDERCATS TOYS!!!