Sunday, 7 April 2013

Scottish fitba at it's finest (includes a headbutt)

While England were banging on about Harry Houdini, in Scotland we had Aaron Muirhead putting the heid into someone's face. Scotland!

Yes today was some cup final thing that I didn't know existed, the Scottish Challenge Cup Final. This epic battle was played out at Almondvale stadium, a ground famous for it's almond trees and fruit bats. Queen of the South and Partick Thistle had slain all other armies before them, to meet in the death ring.

There was a lot of anticipation around this contest, and the players made sure to give the 9,000 strong blood-thirsty crowd what they wanted. A stalemate after 90 minutes, part-time hairdresser Nicky Clark broke the deadlock with a header in extra time to put Queen of the South 1-0 up. Two minutes from the end, a penalty was awarded to Thistle. Captain Aaron Muirhead stepped up, "I've got this guys". Unfortunately he didn't and the goalkeeper saved it.

QOS Captain walked up to Muirhead giving it big one, "waaaaaaaaay!" - he mocked. "Don't you ever disrespect me in front of my men!" - Muirhead replied as he thrust his powerful forehead into the face of his mortal enemy. Down he went! A red card was shown, the colour of blood, Muirhead had done his job.

Oh some other guy equalised and QOS ended up winning on penalties.

Watch the funny bit here - skip to 1m40s