Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Ryan Taylor is injured again

Ryan Taylor might look like he graduated from the University of hubcab stealing, but that hasn't stopped him from injuring his cruciate ligament again!

The UTILITY MAN injured his knee at the start of the season and only had 3 weeks left till retirement... I mean first team training, and then he injured himself more. That was clever Ryan! NOT haha ah a hah a hah ah a hah ah ah ah a

Ryan has been a model patient and has given his all to ensure he could return to full training in the best condition possible," added Pardew. "Ryan has, and will continue to, receive the full support of everyone at Newcastle United during this difficult time for him.
I'd feel sorry for him if it wasn't for the fact that he's getting paid £30,000 odd a week to sit at home and play FIFA all day. If all I had to do to make that my job was rupture my cruciate ligaments then by golly I would try and find out what the hell those are immediately. I think it's what you use to connect the petrol pump to the car