Sunday, 28 April 2013

RVP went to the wrong dressing room

Robin van Persie left Arsenal so he could actually win some trophies and he's done that, so now he might finally be allowed to leap.  Also he got confused and went to the wrong dressing room

The probable golden boot winner returned to his former home and amongst all the usual 'oh hey guy that I used to see walking around the corridors' handshakes, he managed to try and get in the wrong dressing room.  You can watch it here

He sort of does that face when you trip over something and you hope no-one's seen but you know they have.  So you do a laugh to yourself and assume they think you're a cool guy because you handled it so well, except on this occasion there were tv cameras.

It reminds me that the other day at work I was standing talking to someone and there was this other guy sitting having his lunch watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia on his laptop, which is cool cos that's like one of my favourite shows, but anyway he was wearing these big headphones so he was pretty disconnected to the world around him.  The episode finished, and I'm the only one who's watching what's on his screen cos I'm standing up talking to this other guy, everyone else is just eating their lunch too, and so he minimises the window and sitting there was a porn site pop-up, obviously from a previous browsing session that day.  Something like 'fuck sluts in your city TODAY!' and he sits up immediately and rushes to close this window down, but doing that just reveals an even worse one with tits everywhere and some girl opening her vagina up for you to inspect and he, clearly panicking but trying not to show it, just slams closed his laptop.  Then he sits back and chills like he was always going to do that anyway and sort of twiddles with his thumbs, safe in the knowledge that no-one saw.

But I saw.  And it was really funny.