Thursday, 25 April 2013

@rvp is not RVP hits the post

An IT consultant from India is annoyed that his Twitter experience has been somewhat ruined by a case of mistaken identity, as millions pay tribute to him for helping Man Utd win the league.  5 minutes of fame starts....... now

The real RVP is also the player that has hit the post the most times in the EPL this season, with a lovely total of 7 so far.  This video below is our wonderful tribute to his innate ability to hit the post but luckily for the Dutchman he's also good at scoring.

Speaking of scoring I don't know why this IT guy is complaining about people thinking he's Robin van Persie.  If he plays it correctly he will absolutely be able to get girls to send him pictures of their tits.  I mean, it's his own fault because he chose the Twitter handle @rvp and he even tells the BBC that he likes the striker as well so it's not like he didn't know about it.

If I had that sort of power I'd be in jail now.

And on that note girls, please send pictures of your tits to and you'll win an....uhhhh prize. True fact