Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Roma and Lazio games are friendly

You know the old saying, 'when in Rome you should stab opposition fans before the derby game?'.  No?  Well you should remember it, because it happens.

Italy legend Francesco Totti played his 32nd Rome derby in a game but that wasn't really the news most people were paying attention to, because according to where you read it, between two and six people were knifed before or after the game.  That's the last thing I expect to happen when I go to the football, and it's definitely the last thing I want to happen to me if I go to the football.  Unless it means I get better seats.  Like when I went to that talk at the National History Museum about dinosaurs and I had to violently attack about 8 people to get in the front row.  It wasn't even that good.  Ah well, at least I learned something that day.

That dinosaurs are sometimes boring