Friday, 12 April 2013

Reading want YOU!

If someone really rich offered you a job where all you had to do was be very qualified and work very hard, and they rewarded you by not paying you and making you work unsociable hours, wouldn't that be the best job EVER!!!??? Reading think so

Cash rich Reading FC have posted a job vacancy on their website for a Performance Analyst intern, which sounds exciting because this is what you have to do:

To undertake detailed pre-match, post-match and 'during-game' analysis as directed by the Senior Performance Analyst. Main duties will include individual player and team analysis (using ProZone, SportsCode & Opta), opposition analysis, filming and coding of First Team matches and video editing
ohhhh I'm pretty sure I could do most of those things after I'd learned what they are. Then again that's the same for most real jobs but I never get any of them. Maybe this could be for me! I wonder if there's a catch

This position is full-time and will require the successful applicant to work unsociable hours from July 2013 - May/June 2014. The post holder will be required to attend all First team home games and some away games
This role is unpaid and includes no travel expenses.
None at all! Wow. I'm applying for this straight away and then afterwards giving free blowjobs near the harbour since that's something else I went to University for 5 years to do. I'd say I don't except tips but how else am I going to take you in my mouth? lol ;-) luv u bai xxxx

Wow this one got really weird really quickly. Sorry