Monday, 8 April 2013

QPR want to sell everyone

Now that QPR are going to be relegated, and I am delighted about that btw, they've realised that it might not have been a good idea to pay average players more money than they could possibly have imagined someone would pay them.  So everyone's for sale apparently

The most obvious leaver will be Loic Remy who can be 'snapped up' by any Premier League club due to a clause in his contract.  Because he is so loyal, it is expected that he will only move clubs if they offer him a similarly astronomical salary, which they won't.  So maybe he'll stay and bleed the club dry of money, which would also be funny.

Chris Samba, Rob Green, Julio Cesar, Adel Taraabt and other guys like that are good so they'll have no trouble moving but the biggest problem is going to be finding anyone stupid enough to take Jose Bosingwa.  He's like the sort of attractive but not really girl that your friend knows and then one day you're drunk and just think, meh why not, so you have sex with her but regret it immediately afterwards - nay, mid spurt.  The other problem is that she's Jose Bosingwa.  You were really drunk